Print a recipe

So you've found a recipe you like? Why don't you print it off to keep near your preparation area - saves having to check the PC every couple of steps. Also, this web site is online and you may not always be connected to the Internet.

Warning: Hitting the Print button in your browser or going through "File" then "Print.." will print off a page with background colours, embedded graphics, the menu etc which is a waste of ink. Better to do it this way...

How to print a recipe

Check down the bottom of this page, and you will see a link called "Print page" in the footer. This function is available on all pages.

  1. Navigate to the recipe you wish to print
  2. Click on the "Print page" link at the bottom of the page - Google prepares a view of the page with just the recipe
  3. Now click on the "Print" icon on your browser (or click on "File" then "Print".

Put your printed recipe into a clear plastic sleeve and store it for future use.