Create a Google Account

Before you can contribute to this site, you have to create a Google Account and be granted access.

If you already have a Google Account, all you need is access to the site, which I can do for you - just let me know the email address that you use to access your account.

Haven't got a Google Account yet? No problem. There are a couple of ways you can create the account.

Email link

Just let me know which email address you want to use on Google and we can start off getting your account. When I grant access, Google will send you an email. Open this email and click on the link. You'll be taken to a page in your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox or whatever else you use to access the Internet).

Manual method

Open your Internet browser and go to where you’ll find a link to sign in at the top-right corner. Normally, this is where you sign into your Google Account. However, if you don't have an account, you can create a new account from here.

Creating a new Google Account

  • Click on the link “Create an account now”

On the next screen you will be asked to fill in some details for the account. Fill in the required details and click the button to create your account.

NOTE: If you have problems with the “Word Verification” field, just keep trying. Accept any messages that come up.

The next screen confirms the account but you will need to access the email account you used and wait for an email from Google. When it arrives, open the email and click on the link to activate the account.

You might want to click on the link and set up your profile to show something more meaningful, such as adding your first name - whatever you use will appear on edits on your site.

Getting back to this site

Now that your Google Account is activated, you may need to find this recipe site again. If you thought to bookmark this page (save to favourites), then that is the quickest way for you.

Otherwise, look up to the top left of your screen. You should see a link that says "more". Click on this menu item and select "Sites". You will be taken to a summary screen that has a list of sites of which you are a member. Click on the link to this site and you are taken to the home page.