Broken Glass Jelly

This dessert looks great when cut. Choose your jelly colours to suit the occasions. Green, red and yellow for Christmas, Red and Blue or Yellow and Green for Australia Day. Your football colours, whatever....

You will need 3 small rectangular or square containers with a flat bottom for the initial jellies - take away containers will work fine. Then you need a mould with a capacity of between 1.5 to 2 litres for the final dessert. A glass bowl will work well or a ring cake pan but it is intended for a Tupperware jelly mould if you have one.


  • 3 packets jelly crystals
  • 3 cups boiling water
  • 2 cups fruit juice (anything will do but nothing dark coloured like dark grape or fresh juice)
  • 2 tab powdered gelatine
  • 300ml cream (pure or thickened, doesn't matter)


  1. make up a jelly using 1 cup of boiling water and pour into one of the small containers. Refrigerate to set
  2. repeat for the other two jellies.
  3. when the jellies are ready, slice up into rectangles and drop them into the chosen jelly mould.
  4. using a microwave safe litre jug, add the gelatine to 1 cup of fruit juice and stir
  5. microwave for a minute, remove and stir
  6. heat and stir again and the gelatine should be dissolved. If not, keep stirring until you can no longer see the gelatine granules.
  7. add the other cup of juice to the mixture
  8. allow to cool for about 10 minutes - no longer
  9. add the cream to the fruit juice and stir - the mix may be starting to set by this stage so be quick
  10. pour the cream mix into the mould and carefully stir so that all the jelly portions are covered.
  11. refrigerate for about 4 hours to set completely
  12. sit the base of the mould in hot water for a couple of minutes to loosen the dessert from the mould
  13. turn it onto a serving plate and slice to serve